Sgt Benton? Well he’s a fictional character from Doctor Who, or “classic” Doctor  Who as the BBC calls it, I like to call it “proper” Doctor Who but that’s a whole other conversation…

I became my alter-ego the day I bought my first Xbox 360 home, scratching around looking for inspiration for a Gamertag, I noticed a Doctor Who DVD lying on the table – Sgt Benton was born! That original Xbox has flown off to console heaven now (damn you RRoD), but Sgt Benton stuck and it’s now become my default name for various places around the interwebs.

Apart from that I’m a thirty something gamer with two children, both of who have caught the gaming fever. When I’m not on one of my consoles I’m on the PC playing an MMO of some description, normally either Eve Online or Lord of The Rings: Online. My favourite genre of games are Role Playing, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Mass Effect 2 being two of my favourites.  Gaming is not all I do, I also tinker with remote control cars, ride mountain bikes, and watch Sci Fi TV.

The Game Jar Files – In this section you’ll find the first draft or unedited articles I’ve written for the Game Jar. They’re reposted here for posterity’s sake. The articles are way better presented on the Game Jar site, they have pictures and everything. Go check them out over there if you want to see what they’re supposed to look like.

Mass Effect – A whole section devoted to the Mass Effect series, and my occasionally regular series Tales from… New entries go up after I’ve had time to progress through the game.

40K – A whole section devoted to my sloooooow attempt to get to grips with Warhammer 40K. Features pictures of badly painted figures.

Toys – An underused section devoted to toys and such, mostly gaming related, but not always. One day soon I will double the Toys section post count by making a second post!


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