The obligatory E3 post

I’m sorry, it’s in the local blogging by-laws. During E3 every blogger is legally obliged to give us “there take” on the big three’s briefings.

In general, all three briefings weren’t very good. Nintendo’s was marginally better than the other two, but both Sony and Microsoft were clearly treading water until their next console turns up. A quick trip around the various major gaming sites reveals pretty much the same thing, reheated franchises that are all too familiar, and a presser almost identical to last years. I’d like to propose a new rule for next year, Microsoft cannot mention Kinect and Sony cannot mention Move until I personally have seen proof that Kinect-playing Mrs Casual Gamer, and Move-playing Mr Casual Gamer are actually tuning in to watch the live stream. Core gamers don’t care about these devices, so just who do Sony and Microsoft think they’re talking to? Were the casual gamers really tuning in to the live streams?

And before you say “they must be”, you know a casual gamer or two, ever seen a gaming magazine on their coffee table? No, you haven’t, have you? 😛

But my real ire, my furious anger is saved for Sony. Three games. Actually scratch that, two games. Two games and a game logo. That’s the best showing you can muster for your brand new handheld gaming machine, Sony? Yes OK, they’re busy saying right now that they’ve got “25 games on the show floor..”, but they sent out a terrible message at their press briefing. After the failure to properly support the PSP, and no real content on show for the out going PS3, this was a golden opportunity to put the Vita front and centre in it’s launch year. Instead they dropped the ball badly, and many of my friends and fellow Vita owners are now left wondering whether we’ve bought another PSP, doomed to early abandonment.



Metal Gear Solid themed PS Vita wallpapers Pt.1

A pictorial post today, and more PS Vita wallpapers. These two Metal Gear Solid themed ones are part one of two, and hopefully I’ll find some inspiration for the next two soon. When I do they’ll be posted up here, enjoy.

Vita Wallpaper Attack!

Not much writing this week, instead I offer up these wallpapers I made for my PS Vita. I really enjoyed creating these, some came easier than others, and the West Ham Utd one was a bit of an obvious choice.



PS Vita: A Week On.

Just over a week now, and I still love my Vita. I’ve finished Uncharted: Golden Abyss and thoroughly enjoyed it, started playing the single player campaign of the visually glorious Wipeout 2048, and gotten addicted to Motorstorm RC thanks mainly to my friends banging on about how good it is. So bearing in mind that in general I absolutely love my Vita, I thought I’d post up five thing that annoy me. Just for some balance… or something.
  • No HTML5/Flash support on the browser sucks. I have this lovely screen to watch things on, only I can’t visit Youtube or the BBC’s iPlayer. The ultimate irony came when I was using the Vita’s browser to view Official PlayStation Magazine’s site and couldn’t watch a video they’d posted.
  • When the low battery warning comes up, they really mean it. I was merrily playing U:GA  the other night, got the warning, and 10 minutes or so later… blip! It was done. Maybe Uncharted’s boss cut scenes are particularly battery intensive, I don’t know, just stop playing and put it on charge.
  • Not being able to turn off the rear touch pad (in a game’s options)  is annoying. I’m simply incapable of holding the Vita without touching the rear touch pad, and therefore incapable of not inadvertently messing with whatever’s controlled by the rear touch pad.
  • A 4GB memory card isn’t big enough. It really isn’t.
  • Near makes me feel stupid. Either I’m just plain dumb, or it’s operating on some kind of higher plane, or nobody gets what it’s supposed to do. Seriously, what is Near for? And should I worry about getting mugged for my Vita because I’ve got location data turned on? Easily the most baffling app on the system in my opinion.


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