Big ol’ pile o’ shame – The SteamCon panic edition.


shame update

Having not given myself any sort of deadline to demolish the pile o’ shame, I wasn’t feeling particularly worried about getting anything finished within a certain time frame. As per the last post, I picked something I felt like painting at that particular moment, and it got finished as and when. The only slight wrinkle to that is the fact that there are a few models I’d like to take to SteamCon in November, so they would need to get bumped to the top of the ‘To do’ list.

Briefly flirting with that top slot were the Ratcatchers. Having played a few games with the Morticians recently, I started to toy with the idea that painting the Rats in time for the convention was something I ‘could do’. Thankfully reality came to the rescue, and it didn’t long for me to realise it was something I ‘couldn’t do’. With work halted on them, I got on with making a start on Rookie Salvo, and building and painting my new Morticians goal token from the Broken Toad Mob-football (read: Guild Ball) goal token Kickstarter.

So here then is my progress. To keep track, I’ve come up with what I’m calling my Super Hi-tec Image Tracker (or S.H.I.T) photo, developed at great personal expense after lengthy research in to the available solutions. I think you’ll all agree that the manner in which it informs you, the viewer, of the current progress at a mere glance adds an air of professionalism to the project. I hoping to get photos of completed models up in the future, along with a write-up on the Green Dragon terrain, but that wont be until after SteamCon at the earliest.

If you’re heading to Manchester for SteamCon, say hello. Other than that TTFN.

Big ol’ Pile o’ Shame


Okay here we go. First blog post in over a year, and yet another attempt to get back on the blogging horse. Those of you with a particularly sensitive irony meter should probably back away slowly, as I’m about to use this comically overdue update to talk about how I’m using it to motivate myself to get shit painted. Yeah, whatever… but before you wander off, this one involves self-flagellation. Sort of. I’m talking real shame here, folks. A big ol’ pile o’ shame to be precise, and I’ve decided the only way I’m going to tackle it is by being honest.

Behold! My wanton non paining of the things!


You know how it goes; you buy something shiny, it goes in a box or cupboard until you have time to get round to it, you forget all about it, then another shiny thing comes along that you just gotta have. Eventually you get here, a big pile of unpainted stuff that sulks moodily in the corner of the room. Fear not though, fellow addicts, for there is a solution that doesn’t involve begging your local vicar to perform a resin and plastic-based exorcism – painting!

Right now, this picture is my motivation. I’m going to pick something pictured above, paint that thing (and only that thing) until completion, and cross it off the list. Then I’m going to pick a second thing. Then a third. And so on. This photo is my painting schedule for the foreseeable future. I need to get on top of my mountain of unpainted toy soldiers, and right now this particular pile of plastic and resin feels like the easiest to climb. Next update I’ll tell you all about how I kicked off my journey by buying more Guild Ball minis, but until then…

Hobbytime Update – April

The pre-Salute episode!

But only just. Yes, once again I’ve spent more time thinking about writing this post than actually writing it. To be fair to myself, I really was quite serious about sitting down and typing something, but oh I don’t know…. I was abducted by a wandering gangof geese. Or something.

Ok, I wasn’t. But I did get stuff done this month. A fair chunk of that “getting stuff done” was actually correcting mistakes of my own doing though. Both Jaecar and Bonesaw had to have a relaxing acetone bath to correct my poor choice of colours, but I didn’t panic, and they ended up quite nice.

Once I’d finished messing around with those two, I got stuck in to a selection of Guild Ball players that were either half done, or could be quickly painted. Both Dirge and Veteran Velocity were quick wins, and Vileswarm and Mother were half painted.

Other than that, I managed to paint Egret without cocking her up, and Compound was finished today. With my backlog of Guild Ball players down to four, it’s high time I stocked up again. Good job it’s Salute this weekend. So until I have new Salute loot to show off, I’ll finish with a group shot. 

Hobbytime Update – March

So in January I had this plan to write some sort of “New Year’s Hobby Resolution” post about a new me and getting stuff done. I would follow it with easy-to-write monthly updates. It was a good plan.

And then it was February.

In February I came up with a second, better plan, that would cover the same sort of things, but skilfully avoid the appearance of being late by cleverly not mentioning the whole Resolutions thing.

 And then it was March.

In March those dowdy old former plans are history. March is the month of action. March is when mobile apps and gaps between feeding and nappy changes become blogging gold. Strap in people, because we are GO!

February  is when we finish some things.

First up is six of my Gouged Eye Orcs from the new Blood Bowl box. Realising that it would probably take me a year to finish two teams if I painted them individually, I decided to batch paint them. 

Starting with half of them, I spent an hour a night doing one thing on at a time. The first night I painted the armour to completion. The next night, trousers. Before I knew it, I had six Orcs waiting for decals and Purity Seal. 
Also finished in February – although somewhat less impressively – were my first few Hunters Guild minis. I say less impressively because the only one actually painted was Chaska. The others pictured were painted a while a go, but needed the bases finished off. It all counts though!

March is also going to be a month for finishing things. Salute is on the horizon, and new Hunters will be incoming, so I’d like to be as near to finished with my Engineers and Morticians as possible. I’d also like to squeeze in a few other small things too.

But that’s all for now. Next month I will have an update on my progress, but until then… TTFN.

Guild Ball – Engineers Starter Set

Time for a little update on my doings within the tabletop realm. During Salute 2015 (which I totally intended to write about, but didn’t), I picked up two starter sets and a rulebook for Guild Ball. The first set painted is the mighty Engineers. Whenever I pick up starter sets, I always make sure I have two sets of forces, one for me and one for my victim opponent, and the Engi’s are mine. The other set I bought – The Morticians – is yet to be painted, but I thought I’d post up some pictures anyway.


The starter set in all it's glory.

The starter set in all it’s glory.

Ballista - Team Captain

Ballista – Team Captain







The White Dwarf Controversy!

White Dwarf Weekly

Whilst the amount of anger directed at Games Workshop no longer surprises me, I still haven’t worked out why people seem so determined to take their ‘evil’ business practices so personally. The tabletop hipsters I get. Amongst the hipsters it’s cool to hate on every single thing GW does, because they play games way too hip for us mere 40k fans, so them I get. The guys I don’t get are the fans who feel they still have to give the company their money, even though they don’t like what they’re doing.

I mention this because I’ve been checking out the new White dwarf magazines this weekend, and wondering what the fuss is about. Let me start by saying I preferred the old WD, and that I don’t think these two new magazines are brilliant, but I do see what they’re trying to do, and I understand that there’s plenty of time for them to improve. Judging by the internet reaction though, most people don’t share my views.

If you want to completely write off both these magazines after only one issue, that’s fine. I think its a little foolish to do so, but OK, you can do that. But I do have a tip for you; you can not like something without raging all over the internet, and you are also allowed to not buy it. Yes, that’s right, you are not obliged to buy a magazine you don’t like.

If you’re like me, and pick up your copy from your local GW store, make a point of mentioning it the next time you go in. Tell them you don’t like the change, and won’t be buying it any more, and I guarantee you that feedback will filter upwards. After you’ve done that, move on with your life. I know it’s tempting to follow the herd, and join in with the mass gnashing of teeth, but will that really make you feel better?

Personally I’ll be voting with my wallet, and not buying either magazine. Hopefully enough readers will do the same, and GW will improve things. Until then, I’ll carry on enjoying all aspects of 40K, and I’ll continue to understand that GW is a business not an edifice of evil. And if White Dwarf Weekly and Warhammer Visions stay exactly as they are now, I won’t take it personally.

Forge World Visual Feed: Isstvan V Dropsite Massacre Board

Last month, I blogged about Games Day 2013, and one of the things I mentioned was the Dropsite Massacre game board. As I said, my photos didn’t really do the epic scale justice, but thankfully Forge World has come to the rescue. Below is a video from their visual feed, and whilst I think that even this doesn’t quite do it justice, it is an interesting watch.

Honestly, if you’re a Heresy fan, and get the chance to see this board in the flesh, do it. You won’t regret it.



Games Workshop Games Day 2013 – Birmingham NIA

Sunday 29th of September I was up at an insane hour of the day, getting ready to go to Games Workshop’s Games Day event. I’d never been before, so didn’t know what to expect, but I was really looking forward to going. A few days later and I’ve recovered from the early start, so time to blog about my experiences.

I have to say, I really enjoyed what I saw of Birmingham. We took the train up to Games Day, which meant our first steps in Brum were into the town centre. The combination of fine weather, and some nice architecture meant that we decided to take a slow stroll around before heading to the NIA. The idyllic atmosphere was soon shattered however, by the run down eyesore that is the NIA. The place is a shithole quite frankly, and I can only think Games Day’s move there was motivated by lower costs. The biggest victims of the venue were the Golden Demon entries, and the Armies on Parade entries. These were relegated to a dingy, smelly sports-hall below the main hall, and they deserved much better.

The main hall was divided in to two halves. The rear half was taken up by the Games Workshop/Forge World sales area, the front half occupied by the White Dwarf stand, the main stage, licenced board/card games, and the Forge World and GW Design Studio stands. These last two obviously took up the lion share of the space, and both stands featured various company artists and designers etc. Without fail, the guys and girls manning the stands were friendly and willing to chat, and I found it very interesting to talk to them. Unlike Forge World, GW weren’t displaying anything we haven’t already seen, but what they did have on display was interesting enough.

I guess the Forge World stands will take most of the plaudits, the Dropsite Massacre board was absolutely epic, and the selection of resin models on display was drool-inducing, but I rather liked the GW stuff on display. Obviously, the new Dark Elves stuff got a decent showing, and I have to say, painted up they looked lovely. Also to catch my eye was the Dark Angels models. The two closest GW stores to me normally only have the Dark Vengeance Dark Angel models on display, so to see the rest of the range up close was nice. Also to catch my eye was the smattering of Black Templars. I know there’s been a lot of talk about the Space Marine Centurions, but in BT colours, they looked sweet.

Overall, I really enjoyed Games Day. I think it was just about worth the £35 ticket price, though I wasn’t happy that the Forge World seminars required yet another ticket. The venue was terrible in my opinion, and I think I’d be reluctant to go next year if it returns to the NIA. I came away with some goodies, and it was nice to have access to the writers, artists, and sculptors responsible for creating all the cool stuff.

Rounding off, below is a gallery of photos taken by me at the event. Rather infuriatingly, my camera batteries gave out just as I got to the Golden Demon section, so not photos of that 😦 I snapped away at anything I found interesting

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