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Back like the renegade master. Or something.

So back in the dim and distant past, I was working on a scratch-built 40k bunker. Despite the fact that updates on the project were as elusive as my local MP, the project was progressing well. So well in fact, that the thing was finished, used on the tabletop, and providing inspiration for the next one. Well now I’ve finally gotten off my lazy ass, and taken enough photos to write the final update.

Looking back at the overall process, there are some things I’d do differently, but I’m more that happy with how it’s come out. It looks good on the table, and I made it myself. I’m planning  to make a second one, and hopefully I’ll improve the design enough to be happy to post up the plans. Until then, enjoy the gallery of photos below.

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Back Down the 40k Rabbit Hole: Epilogue II


Sect Anarkus

The one where I am overrun by cults…

Honestly, I don’t know how people paint horde armies. Just doing ten of these was enough to make my teeth itch. The next ten are currently in the process of being painted, and then I’m done with the wee bastards.

Seriously, I’m quite pleased with how these guys have turned out. They add a nice bit of flavour to the battlefield, and I think I’ve managed to capture the dirty, filthy nature of Chaos. I had to get my head down and power through them, but I think it was worth it.

Cultist Anarkus

Flamethrower Cultist

Back Down the 40k Rabbit Hole: Epilogue I


Hellbrute - Front

These titles are getting more ridiculous…

So the poor old Chaos half of the Dark Vengeance box has had to make do with being fitted in, in between work on building my Dark Angels army. This slow progress is epitomised by the mighty Hellbrute here. He’s been sitting on the project bench for absolutely ages, slowly gaining more paint as and when. Thankfully he’s done all done now, and can get stuck in to melting my tactical squad!

Hellbrute - Rear

Hellbrute - Top


Back down the 40k rabbit hole

Yes, it really was 20 years ago…

It’s been a while, nearly twenty years in fact, but this weekend just gone saw me dive back down the Warhammer rabbit hole. Last time I gamed it was Wood Elves and Warhammer Fantasy Battle, this time it’s the 40k Dark Vengeance box set. With such a long time between the two, it’s fair to say that Warhammer is almost unrecognisable from the one I played, so I really am clueless as to where I get started. Best thing for me to do then is formulate some sort of plan.


Step 1) Figure where to buy things. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, finding independent retailers shouldn’t be a problem, but do people shop there and are they cheaper the GW? My local GW store isn’t that far away, but I’d use mail order if the price was right.

Step 2) Figure out what I need for this box set. I think I’ve got what paints I need for the Dark Angels worked out, but I haven’t even looked at the Chaos side of things. What makes things worse is the fact there’s no painting guide in the box – I guess GW would like to sell you one. Do people still use Citadel paints anyway? At least I know what primer I’ll be buying.

Obviously, in-between these two steps is the actual “learning to play the game” bit, but how hard can that be? 😛

The book to have once upon a time…

 Step 3 Figure out how to build my armies. As far as I can work out, if I want to build a DA army I buy the DA Codex? And for the Chaos side I do the same? What does the Space Marine book cover then? All of the Space Marines I guess… This one looks like it’s needs a trip to a GW store, so I canget my hands on the books and see for myself.

After that I’ll be looking at scenery and terrain etc, a proper surface to play on… all the little extras.

I really am a complete beginner again, so if you’re reading this and can help, feel free to comment below. You can even laugh at my noobish questions, so long as you answer at least one of my queries.

*Gulp!* Look at all that painting waiting to be done

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