Forge World Vindicator Build – Part 4

The conclusion!

One of the more annoying aspects of having “other, more important things to do” is not having time to update my blog as regularly as I would like. So instead of bringing you the conclusion to my Vindicator build weeks ago, I’ve had to put up with the finished model sitting there, sulking at me, all because it hasn’t had its time in the sun.

Today I put that right.

In the last post, I had the Vindi fully painted, and ready for weathering. Looking at it, it looked so shiny and nice that I’ll admit, I was sorely tempted to leave it as it was. Deep down however, I knew a Crusade-era vehicle would not be factory fresh, so I had to pluck up the courage to attack it with the weathering. Taking inspiration from TemplarsCrusade01’s videos of a Fellblade build, I decided to try some new techniques.

Stage one was to sponge on some black around the areas with paint damage. Wanting to reflect the idea that this Vindicator had survived the Great Crusade and repainted in green post-heresy, I reasoned that paint damage would reveal its earlier colour.

Black sponged on

Black sponged on

After sponging on the black, I sponged on some Leadbelcher over the top. At this point, I started to panic less about having just covered my model with splurges of black, as the silver covered most of it. The silver combined with black gave the paint damage more depth than just the colour, and at this point I was quite pleased with the finish.

FW Vindi build weathering

At this point, I’d also sponged on some Angel Green over the DA symbols to weather those down too, but wasn’t happy with the effect. Hoping that a wash would settle it down, I left it and pressed on. Following TemplarsCrusade01’s technique, I washed the tank with a 50/50 mix of Nuln Oil and Agrax Earthshade, and then removed some of it with a cotton bud.

Unfortunately, The wash didn’t help with the decals. I’d basically made a pigs ear if it, and decided I wanted to do them again. My biggest problem with weathering them down was that the tank became a big green brick with nothing to break up the sides. With no doors, the sides are just huge flat panels, and I wanted something to break up the mass of green.

Almost done, bright decals!

Almost done, bright decals!

After sorting the decals out, I was on the home stretch. MIG Pigments was used to rust up the tracks, and Tamiya’s weathering make-up thing was used to soot up the gun barrel. More MIG Pigments were used to throw some mud on it, and I tried a little of AK Interactive’s Engine Oil to grease up the Demolisher cannon’s outer, and one of the vents.

The finished article!

The finished article!

Overall I’m really pleased with the outcome. OK the decals don’t quite match the level of weathering of the rest of the tank, but have to admit, I prefer it this way. This was my first Forge World model, and I’ve learnt an awful lot during building. Secretly I’d quite like to expand my FW tank collection, maybe next Games Day I’ll pick up something else…

Once again, my camera doesn’t really do it justice, up close it looks really awesome. If you’ve gotten this far with the build, thanks for reading!

Forge World Vindicator Build – Part 3

So last time round, the Vindicator was almost fully assembled, and ready to paint. In this installment, I’ll be going through that process. First step, after giving it a good wash in warm soapy water, was to base coat it. For this step I always use Army Painter’s colour primer. Whilst I do take as much care as my skill allows, I don’t like to spend too long painting stuff and using colour primer really speeds things up.

And the paint starts going on

And the paint starts going on

With the base of Angel Green down, I move on and paint everything that’s going to be metallic with a coat of black. I just find you get a better colour that way. As you can see, I’ve started with the tracks and exhaust pipes, other stuff to be painted will be the air filters, the vent covers, and the gun. Both the tracks and the front ram will be heavily drybrushed with a silver, just to give that heavy worn look. The Demolisher cannon has been painted off the vehicle just to make things a little easier, which is what I should have done with the air filters and exhausts. Oh well, too late now!

All detailed up, ready for weathering

All detailed up, ready for weathering

Once you pop, you can’t stop. Or something. Having gotten in to the painting groove, I kind of just ploughed through it, and didn’t grab the camera along the way. Here you can see it pretty much ready for weathering. Decals are from the FW Dark Angels transfer sheet, and were put on using Microsol/Microset. Paints used are my usual combination of Army Painter, Vallejo, and Citadel. I tried to keep a running theme through the tank with the colours, and hopefully it’s broken up the big slab of green without looking too disco.

So that’s it for this week, next up I ruin a perfectly good paint job by weathering the shit outta it! Until then, TTFN.

Forge World Vindicator Build – Part 2

Part two of my Forge World Vindicator build, and in this instalment I’ll mainly be looking at fettling and fitting the top resin piece of the tank.

The first thing I tackled was the thing that bothered me most about this kit, and that was the gap between the resin part and the plastic kit, right at the front, just above the ram. Now before you ask, no it isn’t me putting it together incorrectly, if you look at the Forge World page, that gap is (supposed to be?) there.

There's a hole in tank, dear Eliza!

There’s a hole in tank, dear Eliza!

I really didn’t like it, so with the help of some Plasticard, I made it go away.

With Plasticard, and no hole

With Plasticard, and no hole

Next up, I set about tidying up the thin casting, and generally tidying the edges up around the top piece. I thought about breaking out the my model filler, or using some green stuff, but decided getting a decent finish would be an absolute nightmare. So I settled for  gluing some thin Plasticard over the hole from the inside! Once painted, you’ll never be able to tell. The photos below show the thin casting in question, and the overspill of resin I mentioned in Part 1.

Here you can see the thin casting and the bubbles

Here you can see the thin casting and the bubbles

The thin casting from the underside, and the remains of some overspill

The thin casting from the underside, and the remains of some overspill

With that all done, I could move on to tweaking the fit of the top piece. As I was dealing with a thicker bit of resin this time around, I opted for the hot water method of persuasion. A dip in the sink, and some fast fingers, and I soon had the top straightened out, and fitting nicely. Next it was glued on, the I attacked some of it with the model filler.

Almost fully dressed now. The top piece straightened, glued, and filled etc

Almost fully dressed now. The top piece straightened, glued, and filled etc

Finally, all the small bits were glued on. The cannon, mantlet, and ram have all been left off to make painting a bit easier. Once the bulkhead behind the cannon has been painted, I’ll be fitting those last few parts.

Finally ready for paint!

Finally ready for paint!

In the next part, I’ll be throwing some paint on the thing, till then TTFN!

Forge World Vindicator Build – Part 1

Waaaaay back in the past, when I went to Games Day 2013, I picked up a Forge World Legion Deimos pattern Vindicator. It wasn’t on my shopping list before I got there, but when I saw it in the display cabinet, I fell in love with it instantly, and bought one. Whether the Dark Angels definitely used one, I don’t know, but it’s a Great Crusade tank, and the Dark Angel’s took part in it, so I’m saying they did 😛 Anyway, I thought the process of building it might prove blog worthy, so here goes.

Stage one – Sorting out the bits.

Plastic wise, you get an almost complete Rhino kit in the bag. The only thing missing is the third, smaller sprue with the hatches etc on it. The parts used are those pictured below, plus the tracks. The tracks aren’t pictured here, because they’re normally the bits I put on last, and while I don’t need them, they can stay on the sprue.

The plastic bits...

The plastic bits…

Oh btw, apologies for the quality of the photo’s, my better camera is currently sitting in my wife’s work locker, so I had to fall back on an ancient one I have….

Everything else is made up of resin. The two sides are pretty good, a tiny bit of straightening is needed, but apart from that, all is good. The demolisher cannon wasn’t quite cast perfectly so that needs some attention, and the rest of the small bits need little more than cleaning up. The worst piece is the top. It isn’t straight, there are some small holes where not enough resin has flowed into the mould, and on the underside there’s a large puddle of overspill – presumably the resin that should have flowed down further. It’s all easily fixable though, so I’m reasonably happy.

Forge World Vindicator - resin parts

The resin bits…

Stage Two – Beginning assembly

As you can see the plastic parts take seconds to put together, and as I’m using resin, as well as plastic, the whole kit is being put together with superglue as opposed to poly cement. The resin side panels will go on next, after a bit of TLC.

The Rhino bits put together - minus the tracks of course

The Rhino bits put together – minus the tracks of course

Final part for this post, the resin sides went on. I used a hair dryer, rather than hot water to straighten these as I could aim it exactly where I wanted it. As I said, they only needed a tiny bit of attention, so plunging the whole side in hot water would have been overkill.

The first resin goes on

The first resin goes on

In part 2, I’ll be adding the top piece, and adding the smaller bits, so I best get on with it. TTFN!

Forge World Visual Feed: Isstvan V Dropsite Massacre Board

Last month, I blogged about Games Day 2013, and one of the things I mentioned was the Dropsite Massacre game board. As I said, my photos didn’t really do the epic scale justice, but thankfully Forge World has come to the rescue. Below is a video from their visual feed, and whilst I think that even this doesn’t quite do it justice, it is an interesting watch.

Honestly, if you’re a Heresy fan, and get the chance to see this board in the flesh, do it. You won’t regret it.



Games Workshop Games Day 2013 – Birmingham NIA

Sunday 29th of September I was up at an insane hour of the day, getting ready to go to Games Workshop’s Games Day event. I’d never been before, so didn’t know what to expect, but I was really looking forward to going. A few days later and I’ve recovered from the early start, so time to blog about my experiences.

I have to say, I really enjoyed what I saw of Birmingham. We took the train up to Games Day, which meant our first steps in Brum were into the town centre. The combination of fine weather, and some nice architecture meant that we decided to take a slow stroll around before heading to the NIA. The idyllic atmosphere was soon shattered however, by the run down eyesore that is the NIA. The place is a shithole quite frankly, and I can only think Games Day’s move there was motivated by lower costs. The biggest victims of the venue were the Golden Demon entries, and the Armies on Parade entries. These were relegated to a dingy, smelly sports-hall below the main hall, and they deserved much better.

The main hall was divided in to two halves. The rear half was taken up by the Games Workshop/Forge World sales area, the front half occupied by the White Dwarf stand, the main stage, licenced board/card games, and the Forge World and GW Design Studio stands. These last two obviously took up the lion share of the space, and both stands featured various company artists and designers etc. Without fail, the guys and girls manning the stands were friendly and willing to chat, and I found it very interesting to talk to them. Unlike Forge World, GW weren’t displaying anything we haven’t already seen, but what they did have on display was interesting enough.

I guess the Forge World stands will take most of the plaudits, the Dropsite Massacre board was absolutely epic, and the selection of resin models on display was drool-inducing, but I rather liked the GW stuff on display. Obviously, the new Dark Elves stuff got a decent showing, and I have to say, painted up they looked lovely. Also to catch my eye was the Dark Angels models. The two closest GW stores to me normally only have the Dark Vengeance Dark Angel models on display, so to see the rest of the range up close was nice. Also to catch my eye was the smattering of Black Templars. I know there’s been a lot of talk about the Space Marine Centurions, but in BT colours, they looked sweet.

Overall, I really enjoyed Games Day. I think it was just about worth the £35 ticket price, though I wasn’t happy that the Forge World seminars required yet another ticket. The venue was terrible in my opinion, and I think I’d be reluctant to go next year if it returns to the NIA. I came away with some goodies, and it was nice to have access to the writers, artists, and sculptors responsible for creating all the cool stuff.

Rounding off, below is a gallery of photos taken by me at the event. Rather infuriatingly, my camera batteries gave out just as I got to the Golden Demon section, so not photos of that 😦 I snapped away at anything I found interesting

Down the 40k Rabbit Hole: Episode 8A

The Games day shopping list edition.

So I had intended to update this little series with more photos of stuff I’ve finished, but other commitments have conspired against me, and I haven’t found the time. So, while I sort out said photos for the second half of this episode, I thought I’d make the first half about what I might buy at Games Day.

I have to be honest, the thought had occurred to me that I might just proceed immediately to the Forge World stand, and blow the lot. But, as they don’t do an awful lot of Dark Angels related stuff, that probably won’t happen. I do have a few ideas.

You will be mine...

You will be mine…

First is the Venerable Dreadnought. Had my eye on this for a while now. I know they’re not that fashionable with the cool kids these day, but I like it, and as I’ve said, half of what I buy is about what I think looks good.





Could these look good on the DA Vets?

Second  is the Space Marine Assault Boarding Upgrade set. I’ve been thinking these might go well with the DA veteran set. I love the cloaked look of the Vets, but hate the shields. These look pretty cool, and on the vets, weathered up with the DA logo on them, could look cool.




I have an idea for this one

I have an idea for this one

Thirdly, I’ve been toying with the idea of buying another tank of some kind. I don’t know what, I quite like the Deimos Rhino, but I’m not sure. I may just buy a standard Predator or Land Raider.

Down the 40K rabbit hole: Episode 5 #miniaturemonday

The one where I give up moaning about not having enough time to get things painted.

It's taken a while, but I have finished something

It’s taken a while, but I have finished something

I’ve finished something! My first ever tactical squad is painted and based, and I have to say, I’m quietly pleased with them. The last two to be done were the sergeant and the heavy plasma marine, and looking at them, they look better than the guys painted first, but I’m not going back to touch them up. As much as I like the look of the GW Dark Angels, they’re a little too clean and shiny for my tastes, so my guys have more workman like appearance. They’re the Unforgiven after all  not the pretty boy Ultramarines, they should look like they get their hands dirty in my opinion.

Based and everything!

Based and everything!

Next up is the five Deathwing terminators. I’ve already started painting them in fact, and having switched to a wet palette, they should be done a little quicker. Also in the line is my Rhino. That’s been delayed by a slight miscalculation on the paint front: I’ve run out 😛 As soon as I have more, it’ll be finished up quickly (hopefully). Once the Deathwing are done, all that’s left are three characters and three bikes. And then all the Chaos minis that come from the DV box… So I’ll be done just in time for the next edition of 40K…

You will be mine...

You will be mine…

Finally, I’ve begun some theory crafting on what I’d like my DA army to look like. I have a vague idea that I’d like it to contain a dreadnought, some scouts with snipers, and a couple of Devastator squads, but beyond that I have no idea. I’m at that stage where I buy what I think looks cool, rather that what I need, but I want to get more focussed soon. Definitely on my shopping list is the Forgeworld Venerable Dreadnought. Is just too cool not to buy.

‘Till the next (hopefully sooner) episode…

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