How To : Forza Motosport 3 Photos

I wrote this guide over at Xbox Society’s forum and thought I might as well copy it over to here

Step 1Take a photo in Forza Motorsport 3. There are three places to take photos in Forza Motorsport 3, in each case the process of taking the photo is the same…
Line up your shot and press A to take the photo -> Press A (Save) -> Name and save your photo to your Xbox 360’s HDD -> Upload Photo, at this point you will be asked "Would you like to upload your photo to the Forza Storefront?", press A (Yes).
The places to take photos are…

  • Your garage. From the Forza Main Menu -> Cars -> My Cars -> Scroll to your desired car, press A (Select) -> Scroll down to Take Photo of Car
  • From a saved race replay. Main Menu -> My Profile -> My Replays -> Scroll across to the desired replay, press A (Select) -> Load "title of saved replay". The replay will start automatically after it’s loaded, to enter photo mode select the camera icon on the bottom control bar
  • During Season Play/Freeplay/Hot Lap etc. During the race press START -> Photo Mode.

Step 2 – Visit You will need to sign in with whatever details you use to log in with on These details are known as your Windows Live ID, and can be used to log in to a number of other Microsoft related sites, including and If you have a Gamertag you have a WLID.




Step 3 – My Forza. Once logged in, click on the My Forza button shown below





Step 4 – My Photos. Once on the My Forza page, you will see the box shown below. Displayed will be the two most recent photos uploaded, click on the Download button highlighted to download your photo. Clicking on View all My Photos will take to another page, strangely enough displaying all your photos.






I use Firefox as my browser so clicking Download brings up the window shown below, obviously if you use a different browser you will need to select the appropriate options to save the photo. Select Save and click OK to save your photo.







Step 4 – Hosting your photo. You only need to host your photo if you want to post it on a forum etc. There are various free hosting sites around the net, I use Photobucket but feel free to use whichever one you want.

Log into Photobucket and scroll down to the Uploading tool. Click on Upload images and videos to open another window


At this point you may need to select the folder you stored your photo in. Find your photo, click on it and select open.


Displayed below the Upload box is your recent uploads, find your photo and click on the Share button.


Click the Get link code tab to display the various codes needed to post your photo.


Forza 3 Paintshop Photos

Short and sweet post this time round, I’m kicking off my Forza 3 album with these two shots, with hopefully more to follow.

Buzzin Hornets RS200 Marlboro

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