Down the 40k Rabbit Hole: Episode 8A

The Games day shopping list edition.

So I had intended to update this little series with more photos of stuff I’ve finished, but other commitments have conspired against me, and I haven’t found the time. So, while I sort out said photos for the second half of this episode, I thought I’d make the first half about what I might buy at Games Day.

I have to be honest, the thought had occurred to me that I might just proceed immediately to the Forge World stand, and blow the lot. But, as they don’t do an awful lot of Dark Angels related stuff, that probably won’t happen. I do have a few ideas.

You will be mine...

You will be mine…

First is the Venerable Dreadnought. Had my eye on this for a while now. I know they’re not that fashionable with the cool kids these day, but I like it, and as I’ve said, half of what I buy is about what I think looks good.





Could these look good on the DA Vets?

Second  is the Space Marine Assault Boarding Upgrade set. I’ve been thinking these might go well with the DA veteran set. I love the cloaked look of the Vets, but hate the shields. These look pretty cool, and on the vets, weathered up with the DA logo on them, could look cool.




I have an idea for this one

I have an idea for this one

Thirdly, I’ve been toying with the idea of buying another tank of some kind. I don’t know what, I quite like the Deimos Rhino, but I’m not sure. I may just buy a standard Predator or Land Raider.

Down the 40k Rabbit Hole: Episode 7

The “these tickets cost how much?” edition.

Two Games Day tickets purchased. I have no words, so here’s a meme to tide you over till the next episode…


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