Hobbytime Update – April

The pre-Salute episode!

But only just. Yes, once again I’ve spent more time thinking about writing this post than actually writing it. To be fair to myself, I really was quite serious about sitting down and typing something, but oh I don’t know…. I was abducted by a wandering gangof geese. Or something.

Ok, I wasn’t. But I did get stuff done this month. A fair chunk of that “getting stuff done” was actually correcting mistakes of my own doing though. Both Jaecar and Bonesaw had to have a relaxing acetone bath to correct my poor choice of colours, but I didn’t panic, and they ended up quite nice.

Once I’d finished messing around with those two, I got stuck in to a selection of Guild Ball players that were either half done, or could be quickly painted. Both Dirge and Veteran Velocity were quick wins, and Vileswarm and Mother were half painted.

Other than that, I managed to paint Egret without cocking her up, and Compound was finished today. With my backlog of Guild Ball players down to four, it’s high time I stocked up again. Good job it’s Salute this weekend. So until I have new Salute loot to show off, I’ll finish with a group shot. 

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