Baby steps in Guild Wars

I’ve had a hankering to try a new MMO for a while now, and mostly I thought I’d be buying SW:TOR and giving that a try. Listening to the latest Massively Speaking podcast changed my mind however, and on Friday I came home with a copy of the Guild Wars Trilogy, and the expansion Eye of the North. I’ve certainly been keeping an eye on the progress of the forthcoming Guild Wars 2, but the prospect of going through the entire first game didn’t appeal to me, so I was planning on avoiding it and jumping straight in when the sequel is released.

Obviously I’ve caved now and bought GW1, and I’m pleased I did. It’s too early for me to give anything but first glance impressions, I’ve enjoyed what I’ve played so far, beyond that I’ll keep it brief. I’ve started off the first campaign with an Elementalist/Mesmer combo, and although at  times I’ve regretted not choosing something less squishy for my first character, I’m enjoying it. The lack of multiple skill bars is refreshing, and it’s quite a pretty game considering it’s nearly seven years old.

Coming from a regular MMO it does take a little getting used to, many of the things I take for granted in LOTRO (for example) aren’t present in GW. That does mean though that the game doesn’t feel like another cookie cutter theme park MMO. As I’ve just scratched the surface I’ll leave it here for now, I’ve not played for long enough to do the game justice. I will say that it you like the odd MMO, and see Guild Wars Trilogy in your local video game store for a bargain price, buy it.

Massively Mob’s Mission Mash

I’ve just recently joined Massively Mob, mmo gaming site Massively’s  new Eve Online corp and the first mission op has been announced. Head over to Massively for the details.

Massively Mob’s Mission Mash

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