Credit where it’s due, #tweetfleet

A little while ago I blogged about the disquiet the Eve Online community was feeling about their handling of the fan reaction to a leaked internal newsletter discussing  micro transactions. At the time I felt that CCP’s stance was overly confrontational, and that non-vanity MT’s were only a matter of time. The lack of a straight denial was troubling to me and many others.

Well a few months on and I think we can finally put the whole sorry mess to bed now with the publishing of CCP Helmar’s dev blog, A letter to the followers of Eve. Whilst I can’t help but wonder why it’s taken till now for CCP’s CEO to address us all, I do welcome the words contained within. His apology has come as welcome relief to me, as it’s reassured me that my favourite MMO is once more heading in the right direction. Admitting you’re wrong and saying sorry is a hard thing to do sometimes, so thank you Hilmar your words are appreciated.

Finally, along with Hilmar’s letter a new dev blog from CCP Zulu entitled Eve updating – Winter Expansion 2011 has come along. As the title suggests it’s about the forthcoming winter expansion and what’s pencilled in to be in it, and again it contains good words for those of us wanting more flying in space stuff in our Eve Online game.

I criticized CCP in my last blog because they did something wrong so it’s only fair that I praise them now when they’re doing things right. I’ve noticed your positive efforts CCP, well done, thank you, and I hope it continues.

CCP Dramarama: Footnote

Just as quick follow-up to yesterday’s post, CCP Zulu’s dev blog was indeed a little more conciliatory than his first, and whilst he didn’t explicitly rule out non vanity items for MT’s, he did use the term no plans for “gold ammo”.

The CSM are flying to Iceland to meet with CCP on the 30th June – 1st July to discuss future plans for MT’s, so we wait with bated breath. In the mean time check out the below links to catch up on the drama so far.

Brendan Drain’s Eve Evolved column on

Eve Radio’s FunkyBacon discusses the issues with his guests

CCP: Come at me, #Tweetfleet!

If you’re Eve Online player and you haven’t been living in a cave for the last few weeks, you’ll know there’s  a little bit of a controversy going on at the moment, mainly centering around comments made in an internal CCP Games newsletter called Fearless discussing the merits of microtransactions. I’m going to simplify here, mainly because if you are an Eve player then chances are you know what I’m talking about already. There are other issues supplementary the microtransaction one, but I want to focus in this post on the questions that really worry me in the aftermath.

  1. Why won’t CCP simply rule out non-vanity items for MT and put everyone’s mind at rest? There’s one obvious answer, they can’t because it’s on the table. This perhaps is the biggest reason for the community’s rage as we’ve always been under the impression that if MT’s were to come they would be restricted to vanity items only. Personally I don’t care about MT’s for clothing etc, but MT for non-vanity item such as ships, ammo and standings is a line must not be crossed.
  2. Why has the CSM apparently been sidelined and ignored during this whole thing? This and the next question is perhaps the more worrying aspect. CCP seem to have decided that having the CSM’s help and blessing are no longer needed. It seems truly bizarre to me that you would set a player council to help with community relations and then completely ignore it when it’s needed most. Which brings me on to the final question…
  3. Why does CCP seem so determined to fight its customers? This one I really don’t get. Every step of the way so far CCP’s actions have inflamed the outrage, not calmed it. CCP Penn decided that not saying anything when the newsletter first broke was the way forward, then CCP Zulu’s dev blog came along and was little more than a message to HTFU, and the whole lot was topped off by a leaked email from CCP’s CEO Hilmar Veigar seemingly delighting in the controversy. Right from the start CCP have had the means to put this fire out and yet at every step they have chosen further confrontation.

Personally I’ve stopped playing Eve Online now, I think MT’s for non-vanity items are coming, I think CCP know that a large portion of the player base won’t like it, so they’ve embarked on this game of subscription chicken and are determined not to blink first. It’s a sad day for me, to stop playing a game I love, but there’s always other games to play.

*EDIT* It seems CCP Zulu is writing another dev blog with “100% more love” as we speak, will it be more conciliatory? I hope so.

No class war please.

Sometimes 140 characters isn’t enough to articulate an argument correctly, luckily I have my blog with which to expand my point. There’s no excuse for violence, not for the police, not for students. Violent protest only damages your argument, and your cause is not improved by todays TV pictures. So moving on to todays Twitter incident. Of course debate the rights and wrongs of the increase to tuition fees, but do so with reasoned points. Don’t bring class or wealth into the argument, it only shows your bias and weakens your stance. I’m working class, live in the poorest borough in London, and have high hopes for my two young children. I don’t care where David Cameron went to school, and nor do I care how much money somebody else has, I care about getting the heart of a serious matter in a reasoned way, without class-based bias.

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