Video: Kil2 PvP Video

Just a quick post today to highlight this sweet PvP video from Alliance Tournament commentator Kil2. Enjoy the vid, check out his streams, and listen to the Bringing solo back podcast.

Guild Wars 2 – Post beta withdrawal blues

Late with this one I know, but part way through writing it real life got in the way and I had to down tools. Anyway the withdrawal symptoms have gone away now but the pictures are still pretty.


*sniff* *sniff* The beta weekend is over… *cry*

Oh Guild Wars 2, how I love thee.

Friday/Saturday – PvE Storyline and Exploring. I picked up Friday night where I left off last beta weekend, with my Charr Engineer at level 11 and part way through my/his personal story. Part of me was reluctant to see too much more of it, but after half an hour or so I was sucked right back in. I won’t go into plot details for fear of spoilers, but I did enjoy the way it tied into your choices during character creation. As expected, you can only play the first part of your personal story and by Sunday I had finished all that I could do. After that I explored a little, collected craft mats, and took part in some events. Sadly though I forgot all about the Mystic Forge in Lions Arch, it wasn’t until I’d watched Guildcast on that I realised I could have taken my crafted stuff there to give it a try. >_<

Sunday – PvP. It’s fair to say that I hated this mode to begin with, my first five matches largely involved me being ganked whilst trying to figure out what my various skills did. Naturally I took to Twitter to moan. After I’d had my little tantrum I resolved to keep trying, so I had a poke round the traits and skills screens. A quick adjustment here and there and I became a lot more effective, by Sunday evening I’d topped the match leaderboards a few times, helped my team to a handful of victory’s, and worked out how to play my character effectively. In the course of one day I’d gone from hating PvP to quite liking it, even resolving to playing it regularly come the full release.

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