This might take longer than I thought…

So I transfered over from Spaces to here last night and all went well, the actual transfering bit took no time at all. What I didn’t reckon with is the time it would take to get this blog looking the way I wanted. I fiddled with my Spaces page for quite some time before I got just right, and I’m being as fussy with this one.

The second and perhaps most time consuming issue is that I never catagorized any of my Spaces posts >.< I now have a choice, leave them as is or trawl back through my archive slapping tags and catagories on everything. Damn my lack of foresight.

Bye bye Spaces *sniff*

Yes, I know Spaces isn’t gone just yet but I’ve made the move over to WordPress now, so I’ll say my goodbyes now. So long Spaces, I negelcted you towards the end, but we had some good times and it was fun whilst it lasted.

The Weekend’s over…….Thank god.

The weekend is over, thank god, now the week’s here and time for some rest. One tip, never go shopping for clothes with a women; I nearly lost the will to live after a visit to Lakeside, on a shopping trip I foolishly volunteered for. Thankfully I got a nice lunch out of it, to soften the pain, oh and some Krisy Kreme’s. Finaly, for your information, Hotel Chocolat do the best chocolates EVER


Gaming this week has consisted of mainly Rainbow Six Vegas(Co-Op T-Hunt and Co-Op story)with some COD2 and a very little of The Darkness. Why does Realistic/Veteran game settings in reality mean totally un-realistic? I mean, they kill you with one shot whilst you have to empty half a clip into them, bullet proof Nazi’s really p*** me off. Gaming highlights this week will be, more R6V in the LoX sharpshooter league, pre-ordering Bioshock, and hopefully more The Darkness, note to self, put children to bed early this week. 


Finaly, Legendary or no, that is the question, hmmm better look down the back of the sofa for some  money

What’s all this Spaces stuff about…..

OK, so this all started when I tried to post a comment on AceyBongos blog site. After signing in I discovered that I had a Spaces site as part of my Windows ID thing, yeah yeah I hear you say, get with the 21st century man! All this is new to me, so im going to spend the next few weeks working out WTF is going on with spaces. I will of course be doing this in between Xbox 360 sessions, and looking after my children. Im hoping that exploring Spaces will keep me sane during the long summer holidays Confused
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